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In 2016 in the mountains of Myanmar, Willem Megens and Bob Kuijs met each other for the first time. Willem told Bob about his ultimate dream: The setting up of an indoor camping in Amsterdam. Bob’s advise was – if you have a dream you have to follow it. Willem, a driven man with a passion for restoring classic cars and caravans, took this advise to heart.


Three & a half years later Willem’s dream came true with the help of Bob. It was a long & challenging journey especially as the authorities did not know how to classify an indoor camping, as until now, it did not exist. After a long period of negotiations with the autorities we have managed to create a unique concept where creativity, comfort and safety have merged into something different.

Converted industrial hall

An old indoor area of 1000 m² has been transformed into a green park where intentionally the industrial elements of the original building have been left on show. Inside are the caravans that have been restored and modernised by Willem. Every day he works on new elements and caravans to enhance the experience. This camping supersedes any ordinary camping and not only because it is inside. No it goes beyond that. The whole building has underfloor heating, the facilites are luxurious, the Heineken 0.0 Lounge is unique, the service is outstanding and you will get the warmest welcome.